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a bunch of practice nat doodles




tony is as bad at the silent treatment strategy as i am


I was inspired by the new Uncanny cover.

costume. secret hideout. sidekick. dastardly enemy. what’s missing? theme music. i need theme music.
ms. marvel 006

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Steve’s smile is stiffer than it usually is at these things, and eventually Tony pulls Steve away and asks him what’s wrong.

"It’s nothing," Steve says, because of course he does, and Tony gives him a look until Steve relents. "It’s just," he says, and sighs.

He shoves his hands in his pockets, eyes the ground and says, “Everyone’s looking at you like- or touching you, or flirting with you, and I don’t like it, okay?”

Tony blinks. Then he laughs, because how can he not, and is expecting it when Steve starts frowning. “I’m sorry,” Tony says. “I’m not laughing at you, okay? I’m- Steve, people do this to me at all of these things.”

"I know," Steve mutters. "I stand in the corner and pretend I’m not watching everyone making bedroom eyes at you."

"You’re adorable," Tony says, and pinches Steve’s cheek when he scowls.

"How would you like to walk around with me this time," Tony offers, and Steve finally looks up from the ground. "You could put an arm around my waist and do that happy-threatening smile you do when you don’t like someone but still want to be polite."

"I don’t do that."

"You do," Tony says. "So, how about it?"

Steve shifts on his feet, and Tony marvels at how small he can look, even now. “I don’t want to get in the way.”

"You wouldn’t, this is charity work, I chat with people and drink their booze and then go home. Come on, walk with me." Tony takes Steve’s hand and loops it around his waist, tangling their fingers together. "It’ll be fun."

"It won’t."

"Not for you," Tony shrugs, "But I love watching you get all possessive over me."

Steve presses his mouth to Tony’s hairline. “Well, you’re mine. And I’m yours.”

"Damn straight," Tony says, smiling hard. 

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"I never told you before, but I was married once."

Steve pauses in where he’s trying to shoot the tires out of one of the vehicles that have been following them for half an hour now, and then says, “Okay.”

He blows out one of the guy’s tires, and the car spins before crashing into a car and then exploding. Steve starts aiming at the next van following them.

"It was a drunken Vegas thing," Tony says, twisting the steering wheel and laying on the horn so most of the people get out of the way. The ones that don’t get shoved out of the lane by their SUV. "It meant nothing."

"Yeah, thanks, that makes it better," Steve snaps, managing to shoot the man in the passenger’s seat through the head. "What’s her name and social security number?"

"You’re not going to kill her," Tony says, keeping his eyes on the road as they argue.

"I can’t believe I took my actual mother to our wedding," Steve snarls, and groans when another two of his bullets hit the road ineffectively as the van swerves.

Tony glances at him and says, “You took out the blue one?”

"Yes, no thanks to your driving-"

"I can deal with the other one, I caught up with it earlier," Tony says, and digs something out of his pocket before pressing the button.

The last van behind them explodes, sending cars around it veering in different directions.

Steve checks to see if anyone else is following them before leaning back into his seat and winding the window up. “You put an explosive in their car when we were fighting them before.”

"I did."

"I am uncomfortably turned on right now," Steve says, and Tony grins at him as they turn onto the highway.